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Animal, for the purpose of enforcement by animal control officers acting pursuant to this article in the city, means dogs, cats, snakes and ferrets.

Sec. 10-10. – Licensing.

(a) Required. Except for those exempted in this chapter, every adult animal shall be licensed annually. Every owner shall be issued a city license receipt and tag by the animal control agency. Such tag shall be worn at all times by the assigned animal. (b) Duration. All licenses issued shall expire June 30 each year. (1) Payment of fee; issuance of tag. Upon receiving payment of a license fee of $5.00, the animal control officer shall issue a consecutively numbered city license tag bearing the year of issuance, to be attached to the collar or harness of the animal. License fees shall not be required for Seeing Eye dogs or governmental police dogs. (2) Duplicate tag. In the event of loss or destruction of the original tag, the owner of the animal may obtain a duplicate tag from the animal control officer for $5.00.(Ord. No. 389, ยง 11, 9-21-1999)