For inquiries regarding access to public records maintained by the City of Williston, contact the administrative offices of the appropriate city department or submit a request to the agency Custodian of Records as listed below:


Latricia Wright, City Clerk

Williston City Hall, 50 NW Main Street

PO Drawer 160, Williston, Florida 32696

(352) 528-3060

[email protected]

Under Florida law, you are not required to submit a public records request in writing. However, for your convenience, the City has provided an online form “Request City Records”. To make a completely anonymous public records request, you may email, call, fax or visit the department from which you wish to request records or the Custodian of Records. Be aware that your email/email address may become public record upon receipt by the City. However, you may opt to omit other identifying information to maintain some level of anonymity when making requests electronically or by fax.

Plain paper copies shall be furnished upon payment of $ .15 if the paper is copied on one side and $ .20 if the paper is copied on both sides. Research fees may apply to any request that will require more than 15 minutes to locate and reproduce.