We have been made aware that some customers attempting to pay their bill online, have been using a 3rd party site, called WE DO NOT HAVE ANY AFFILIATION WITH IF you need to pay your utility bill online, use the [pay your utility bill] button on this website, or click here:

The website charges approximately 3.75% or more to process your payment, and we do not receive any notification that you have paid your bill, until a check arrives in the mail, so you may still be cut off if delinquent. Again, The City of Williston, Florida, is NOT affiliated with, nor do we approve of customers paying their bills through ANY 3rd party websites, like this. is NOT affiliated with us, to make your payments through.

What is a Power Cost Adjustment (Fuel Charge)?

The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is a mechanism that permits utilities to regularly adjust the price of electricity to reflect fluctuations in the cost of fuel, or purchased power used to supply electricity. The cost to make electricity is affected by the price of coal and fuel. The City of Williston has an established rate per kilowatt-hour to provide electricity to its customers, and this rate does not fluctuate. The PCA is a fuel adjustment charge caused by an increased or decreased cost in coal or fuel. It is shown on the customer’s bill as a surcharge to the price per kilowatt-hour. The City of Williston does not make a profit from the PCA (fuel charge) but passes it on to the customer at the actual price charged.

November Events

November 24 Thanksgiving

City Hall Closed Nov. 24 & 25

November 28 @ 6PM Board of Adjustments and Code Enforcement Meeting

November 29 @ 6PM Planning & Zoning Meeting

City Council Meetings are available on YouTube

City Hall

50 NW Main Street, Williston, Florida 32696

(352) 528-3060

Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:00PM

The City of Williston is looking for City Residents to fill Board positions!

Board of Adjustment and Code Enforcement AND Planning & Zoning Commission

These Boards are quasi-judicial bodies made up of city residents who are tasked with addressing requests and reports that impact the the city.

Meetings are typically held once a month at 6:00PM in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 50 NW Main Street.


  • The members will be approved by City Council. 
  • Members shall demonstrate an affirmative interest and concern about their community.
  • Terms are for three (3) years.
  • Only City of Williston residents are eligible. 

Please call Laura Jones, City Planner at 352-528-3060, Ext. 111 if you are interested.