Building Permits


The City of Williston provides a variety of services to its residents from utilities to permitting to solid waste collection. Permitting services are facilitated through Florida Municipal Services. To obtain a permit click on the appropriate form below. For questions regarding the permitting process, you can contact our Building Official and Florida Municipal Services at 352-628-7904. Below you will find permitting documents you need to obtain a permit. Applications may be submitted to the City Hall Business Office and must be complete to be accepted for processing by our Building Official. For questions regarding the permitting process, please contact the Building Official at 352-628-7904.

Liability Insurance, Worker's Comp Insurance and State License must be submitted with every permit. If the individual or organization has no worker's compensation insurance, the applicant must file a copy of their Worker's Compensation Exemption.

The Issuance must be with the City of Williston as the Certificate Holder.

Certificate Holder:

City of Williston

50 NW Main Street

Williston, Florida 32696

All contractors and subcontractors must submit this information to be processed as a complete permit. Without all of these items, the packet will be deemed incomplete and returned to the applicant until such time as they can be submitted altogether as part of a complete permit packet.



For new construction, improvements to existing structures, fencing and pools: